Question by  starke59 (15)

How can I rat proof my shed?

Everything I have tried has not worked.


Answer by  MMouse (13)

Sealing all cracks or gaps in a shed is the only way to protect from rat infestation. Chicken wire, caulking and foam insulation are all good choices.


Answer by  writergalfriday (325)

Repair or replace any holes or openings in the walls or roof and any cracked windows in the shed. Keep the shed clean and kill any patches of mold with bleach or eucalyptus essential oil. If there are rats currently in the shed place traps or poison baits where you think the rats are entering.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

It is important to keep in mind that rats can fit into very small spaces, and also, they have teeth that can gnaw through wood. One material that will keep them out is half-inch hardware cloth, a welded metal wire screen with 1/2" holes in it. If that does not help, then consider getting a cat.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

You need to remove what's attracting them, such as storing feed, or items they may like to nest in. You can bulwark your walls with tin, set traps, or top best solution, post a good mouser-cat in the shed- but make sure Tabby has her shots. Feral rats carry disease.


Answer by  Anonymous

Hi, you can get a product, think it's called verminseal. It's a pvc attachment to the base of the shed and it fills the gaps. Try at Tradelink or a shed building company. It's made in Grafton NSW


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Keep anything they like to eat out of there. Unfortunately they will eat even cloth and wood and nestle there young in any crevice. The trick is to avoid any crevices. Keep your shed clear of messes.


Answer by  KellyJo (26)

Rats are ingenious about getting into places, so sadly nothing is foolproof. Make sure to seal up any holes you may find. Your best bet is going to be either rat poison or a cat.


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

First make sure it is air tight, fix any cracks or holes. Then buy any number of baits or repels at local a hardware store.


Answer by  abin1991 (76)

Some of ways to keep shed rat proof are:- 1)Use rat poisons and keep near the rat holes. 2)Use Sticky mats. 3)Use rat traps like rat cage or rat scissors. 4)Use cats to get rid of rats because it won't make any harm to anyone.

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