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Question by  kitkat (1)

How do I get rid of hornets that have nested under my shed when I can not see the nest?

W e have hornets under our shed and they are getting worse. Can not get under the shed to see exactly where the nest is. what is the best way to get rid of them.


Answer by  Chris10 (21)

Spraying only be done in evening, when insects are less active and all are back. Use PT Wasp-Freeze (Hornet Spray) for fast pest termination. Spray can be effective from a distance of 15 feet from the nest, so personal safety is ensured. Safe for indoors and outdoors usage. Can be used around electrical appliances due to high insulation properties.


Answer by  karen49 (36)

Attempt to seal some access points, then use a "bomb" spray, set it off early in the morning before they start leaving for the day.


Answer by  rascal (187)

Water. If you can run your hose under the shed and flood the area, it will make the nest soft and eventually collapse, causing the hornets to find a place to rebuild. If you use chemicals, the birds will eat the dead bees and you will kill the birds.


Answer by  floodout (27)

You should flood the hornets out with a garden hose. Be ready to run away quickly because this will make them angry, but it should remove the nest.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Leave the nest alone. The hornets will find a new home sometimes it does take a couple of years but they will go of there own accord.

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