Question by  rsvisak (15)

How can I obtain a job provided live expert online?

I would like to provide live expert help online.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Try Clark Howard with Channel 2 News in Atlanta, GA. There he has links that are valid for working at home and working online live. Also, you can try some referral services in your community.


Answer by  mo126 (25)

a great site is liveperson. com. there you can sign up and select areas of expertise. it is a great site that is easy to use. you can set your rates. you are able to communicate via live chat online, telephone, and there is even an option for email. you choose the rates. check it out


Answer by  pansy (421)

to obtain a live expert job would depend on your qualifications i am sure of so it soley depends on what you would like to be live on Chatting is an online forum an requires some expertise


Answer by  Alison2001 (46)

Yes, providing that you have expertise in a particular field (most poeple do). There are several websites you can search for that need available expertise that is ready to work.

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