Question by  ayyammal (10)

How can I make white ice cubes?

I want my ice cubes to be solid white.


Answer by  dedre (998)

Oxygen in the water has to be increased by pressure. This can be achieved by increasing the flow of the water through the faucet or shaking a container with water.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

Red, blue and green food coloring will give you the white ice cubes you're looking for. Remember though, as they melt, your drink will also turn white.

Reply by hollyart (0):
That response is completely wrong. Have you tried it? Did it work? No, of course not.
This poster is confusing the theory of color in light with color pigment in food coloring. If you could mix red, green and blue light you would get pure "white" light.  add a comment
Reply by hollyart (0):
When you mix red, green and blue pigments together you get a neutral brown or greenish brown. I am a retired art teacher and taught color theory for 32 years.  add a comment
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