Question by  tschebyshev (252)

How Do I Make Thai Iced Coffee?

is it basically the same as thai iced tea, but with coffee instead?


Answer by  Mkg (64)

To make Thai Iced Coffee,roasted Java coffee is ideal. Brew the coffee,add sugar,spices(cardamom,cinnamon,almond extract)stir,refrigerate overnight.Pour cream and milk,mint to garnish.


Answer by  ilango (226)

thai ice tea is very best one hot summer days. . thai ice coffee is originally belongs to thailand is very best. take a glass and put half amount of water and add 6 ounzes of coffee which contained good chicory. Add small amount of condensed milk and put some ice on it. add some cream and stirr it.take enjoy


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Pretty much. Don't be afraid to add your own variations, though. The ingredients are: * Ice * Coffee ** a great use for leftover coffee! The restaurants do it this way. * 2 Tbsp. (one serving/one part) Sweetened Condensed Milk (any type you choose is fine,low fat,full, etc) * I like spices! Add some crushed ice and enjoy!


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

You make Thai Iced Coffee with Thai tea and milk. Just make it the same way you would iced coffee and add ice.

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