Question by  Armat (9)

How can I make my own bleached jeans?

I know bleach is tricky to work with.


Answer by  Janer (205)

Fill your washing machine (or a large tub) with warm water. Mix in 1/2 cup of bleach. Let the washer agitate for a bit (1 min or so). This mixes in the bleach and is very IMPORTANT. Put the jeans in the mixture and let sit for 10 minutes in the washer. Continue the wash cycle as normal.


Answer by  dakotalee (126)

Dilute the bleach with water only in a plastic bucket. Have a bucket of clean water ready for rinsing. Only bleach a little at a time and you can use different techniques like dabbing, painting, splattering and spraying. Use the bucket of clean water to rinse your jeans within 5 mintues of bleaching and then machine wash by themselves.


Answer by  RainyInferno (6)

Bleaching jeans is a very easy but messy process. You should work outside and wear gloves when you bleach your jeans. Experiment on an old pair of jeans that you have grown out of. Once you figure out how you want your design, do the jeans you wanted it on.


Answer by  flavored (88)

I believe it is possible to make your own bleached jeans. I personally have not done it before, but I would recommend wearing gloves and doing this in a covered area. Perhaps you should consider bleaching them outside on a patio after covering it with newspaper. Be careful, though! You don't want to get the bleach on you.

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