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Question by  toiletgirl (22)

How can I make my car more fuel efficient?

I would like ot make my car more fuel efficient.


Answer by  Allen12 (47)

Start with the easy stuff. Make sure your tire pressures are correct, keep up on oil changes and air filter changes and remove excess weight from the trunk.


Answer by  ChaseWhalen19 (13)

You can try to reduce the weight of your vehicle, which will reduce stress upon the engine allowing it to do the same thing only needing less power and fuel. You can try to increase its compression which will lead to it being more efficient at extracting energy from the fuel.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

One of the simplest things is to make sure your tires are inflated to manufacturers specifications. Next thing to do is eliminate any excess weight. Then do a tune up on your engine. Replace old filters and install new plugs if needed. Finally use a synthetic oil in your engine and fill the car up with premium fuel.


Answer by  mikkie180 (167)

3 ways, make sure it has a recent tune-up, next time the oil is changed add Slick 50, and change air filter to a K&N filter.


Answer by  Tom22 (13)

Drive smoothly by applying light throttle and avoid heavy breaking and try to anticipate traffic signals. Lighten your load by removing unnecessary items that aren't needed. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Drive with your windows closed and with no air conditioning. Turn your engine off if you are stopped for more than a few minutes.

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