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Question by  Anna27 (62)

How can I make and use columns in MS Word?


Answer by  Suchitra (18)

Left click table from the menu bar and select insert->table. Enter the number of columns and rows you wish to create. You can format the table by clicking on autoformat. The autoformat option provides a list of table styles you can use to define your columns. Once you have selected the style click ok.


Answer by  maggie711 (285)

Highlight the text you want to put into columns. On the Word menu bar at top of page, click on FORMAT, go down and click on COLUMNS, choose 2 columns (or 3 or 4) then click on OK. Lower the space between columns to get it to fit on your page or, edit your left and right margins.


Answer by  JamesRaymond (93)

In the toolbar along the top of your screen click on Format, a drop down box will appear. From this drop down box click on Columns, a toolbox will appear. From this box select preset columns or manually set up the number and width of the columns. Columns have many purposes, such as format for an article or school paper.


Answer by  Bonnie (89)

Either click on the "column" icon on the tool bar, or click on the "Table" tab, then click on "Insert Table." The prompts will ask the number of columns you would like in your table. Once the table and/or columns are set up you may begin typing in the columns and format them either left/right/center justified.


Answer by  kherasakshi (124)

Open a word sheet,select Table from the tool bar,go to insert & select table.Once you will click on table it will ask you for the number of colums & rows you want to enter.Enter the number of colums you want to have on the word sheet.Press ok & you are done.


Answer by  Richard88 (391)

The menu command for creating columns is Format | Columns. This opens the Columns dialog. The Columns dialog has settings for number of columns (two or more), whether you want vertical lines between columns, and spacing between columns. You can apply columns to the Whole Document or only the Current Section. Click OK and edit as you normally do.

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