Question by  nav (24)

How can I make an air hockey table?


Answer by  dbull2211 (6)

First you need to construct a rectangluar box frame deep enough to house two blower motors. Next, you need to mount the two blower motors onto the bottom of the box frame, placing them at equal distance from both ends and between the blowers. Use some perferated plexiglass sheeting for your top, then just plug and play.


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

Depends on how much patience you have. For a really messy version you could use a cork board, drill some holes and concoct a tube and valve system with an air compressor, pvc piping, and a lot of duct tape. Have fun whatever you do.


Answer by  takeshi (432)

Take a 2' by 4' hole board, put it on a 2' by 4' wooden board, secure sides by duct tape to prevent air leak, connect air tube to board.


Answer by  Clambake39 (142)

There are several websites that provide basic instructions on how to make an air-hockey table, but the basic idea is to drill a series of regular holes into a thin piece of plywood attached to a wooden frame. Then cut a hole in the side of the frame and attach a shop vac that blows air to the hole.

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