Question by  ally247 (1)

How can I make a phone call from my computer?


Answer by  Teri (27)

Skype is a good application to make phone calls from your computer. It is free and all you need is a speaker and microphone. They also offer instant messaging capabilities. All you have to do is download the application and type in the number you want to call. There are tutorials online to help.


Answer by  steve17 (16)

First you will need a microphone and speakers. The easiest route would be to buy a headset with headphones and a microphone built in. Next you will need to install a free program called Skype. Download, unzip and install the program. Once you have installed the program, open it and add some contacts and start talking.


Answer by  Jingris21 (65)

First, you need to buy a microphone for your computer. Next, download a program called Skype. Create a Skype user name, and find out the Skype user name of the person you wish to call. Open Skype, add that person's user name to your list of contacts, and click on the green call button.


Answer by  anneb (123)

If you use the program Skpye, you will be able to make a phone call from your computer, and, best of all, both the program and the call will be free! However, you do need to download the Skype program and the person you wish to make a call to must also have Skype.


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