Question by  rihu (32)

How can I learn to speak with a british accent?


Answer by  Robni (19)

By watching British television shows, such as BBC World News shown on most PBS stations in the USA, and British mystery shows such as Sherlock Holmes and Murder Mysteries, again found on most PBS stations. Alternately, British television shows can be found on DVD sets, readily available for purchase at online stores or for rent.


Answer by  holmdeal (58)

The best way to learn an accent is to get a tape recorder and to speak continuously into it using the accent you wish to learn. After this, listen to the recording and pick out words or phrases that sound "unaccented" and practice these through recordings. Also, look up common expressions in the British lexicon. Good Luck!


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Go to the library and get a cassette tape or CD with British speaking. Stand in front of a mirror and practice what you hear. This might take a while> Or you can meet some englishmen and listed how they talk, it might wear on you. Surround yourself with the British.


Answer by  Anonymous

British as in English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish?

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