Question by  John96 (21)

How can I learn an English accent?

I am going to be auditioning for a Shakespeare play and I want to be ready.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

For a modern version of the English accent, watch BBC America. You can also watch the BBC news website online video of their news programs and practice how they say what is said.


Answer by  penrose (235)

I think the ideal way is to surround yourself with other British people. Their slang and mannerisms will rub off. If you can't do that, then next best thing is TV or movies.. You can't do much better than all the Brit-coms that are out there!

Reply by elsewhen (627):
I think you are exactly right... I visited London for an extended period last year, and I started to pick up the accent almost inadvertently. I think accents just tend to rub off on you if you are exposed long enough.  add a comment

Answer by  OH (27)

The best way to learn an English accent is to watch English Programme on TV,another way is, to speak and hear to the person who has good English accent.


Answer by  leelawati (35)

To internelize the correct pronounciation of the words as they are spoken by their natives one has to listen very carefully and then practice. For an english accent listening to their daily news can give a good start.

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