Question by  worker67 (30)

How can I learn to sing from my diaphragm?


Answer by  scarywoodwitch (158)

Your diaphragm is in the middle of your torso, your solarplexis. You need to sit up or stand up very straight holding in those muscles under your breast and above your belly button. Hold on until your note comes out slowly releasing your hold until the next.


Answer by  MamaDolce (19)

Breathe in deeply, but avoid filling your chest with air. If you feel your chest rising you are doing it incorrectly. Imagine that you are directing the air to behind your bellybutton. If your stomach moves as you're breathing, you're doing it right. As always, practice makes perfect!


Answer by  Hillaricious (16)

Learn to train the inner muscles of your larynx which control your vocal chords, and you can control your sound. More importantly, if these muscles aren't strong enough, too much pressure causes the chords to fall apart, resulting in singing that is devoid of range. I suggest performing exercises such as "vocal gear switching" and blending your vocal resonance.


Answer by  Avria (187)

Inhale deeply while exhaling slowly thus controlling the diaphragm as it tries to resist the natural exhaling of the abdomen. Similarly while singing you exhale this breath throughout the song.

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