Question by  Sandy45 (24)

How can I learn how to sing better?

I want to be a star.


Answer by  broadwaybaby (48)

If at all possible, get a voice coach. If you can't afford one, study breath control. Many great exercises are available online. Practice pitch on a keyboard daily. Listen to great singers to learn phrasing. Record yourself and listen with a critical ear for problems. Practice, practice, practice!


Answer by  bpb123 (20)

Learning how to sing to can be a lot of fun. My suggestion would be to seek out a qualified instructor in your area and contact them for singing lessons. Instructors can usually be found close to college campus and are usually reasonably priced.


Answer by  HappyArtie (32)

The best way to improve your voice is through formal vocal training. To find an instructor, try inquiring at a store that sells musical instruments. Also, local community colleges sometimes provide vocal training through their music professors.


Answer by  luckyjean (23)

Sing a lot, even if you don't think you sound very good. You don't have to be perfect when you start out; it's a myth that some people are born with singing talent. If you can hear sounds and you can hear yourself make sounds, you can learn to sing.

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