Question by  jsjackson (73)

How can I learn to create page borders?

I need a good program to create page borders.


Answer by  PalmSpringsPJ (43)

Almost all word processing software will have a command you can access to make a variety of borders. Check on your computer to see if it has a word processor--most computers do. If your computer did not come with one, look at Microsoft Word software, it is the most popular.


Answer by  qballerjay (12)

You can use the Help feature built into the program you are using. You can execute a search for the words "page borders" and select the most appropriate result.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

You should go to the W3 consortium and start a tutorial on whichever web programming language you are currently learning. Their tutorials are very easy to follow.


Answer by  Lifee00 (26)

You need microsoft word,the tool you are going to learn will help you to give your document a unique look,no matter if you are writing a om the upper menu chose Format>>>borders and the window that opened,click on the Page Bordar tab,and now you can select tupe of/the border.

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