Question by  ScienceTeacher (7)

How can I improve my basketball dribbling skills?

I want to be a better basketball player.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

Practice makes perfect. Start carrying a basketball around with you wherever you go, and as you walk around, just casually dribble the ball alongside you. This will get you comfortable with the ball over time and you will get better at dribbling the ball.


Answer by  LarryLegend (7)

Practice running as fast as you can up and down the court while dribbing two balls. It will start very challenging but soon you'll improve your dribbling.


Answer by  cb81 (613)

To improve your dribbling skills it is very important to look up and not look at the ball or the court. It is also important to bounce the dribble to the same height every time.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Like anything, practise makes perfect, so take a lot of time dribbling through pylons, more than any other skill, including shooting.


Answer by  bb0603 (208)

Try dribbling two basketballs at the same time while you move and make sure you keep your head up, then try switching the balls in your hands as you move.

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