Question by  PhaneendraVvk (12)

How can I identify a hard-shelled worm that I found in the house?


Answer by  captaingold (42)

If you can and if you dare, turn the insect on its back and look for any legs. If your worm has legs it is a centipede (100 legs) or a millipede (1000) legs. I have never seen a worm with legs but watch out some pedes can bite or sting. If its slimy its probably dead.


Answer by  nosfearic (11)

It may be a kind of millipede or centipede, or a bagworm caterpillar. You may even be seeing a woodlouse. Most likely it is not actually a worm but a kind of insect or arthropod.


Answer by  earthlink (120)

A hard-shelled worm is possibly a form of Dermestid beetle; an example would be a carpet beetle, indicating larger problems. I have traced such an infestation to old dog chew hide (just threw those out. Consult a Pest Control professional or County Extension Agent.


Answer by  souldolphindream (835)

There are lots of websites that you can post a picture of the worm so that someone can help you identify it.It may be a form of a moth or butterfly


Answer by  Nanthawat (131)

You can take pictures of the hard-shelled worm and take it to your local hardware store and inquire, they should be able to help you treat this problem.

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