Question by  Jerry49 (10)

How can I grow a currant berry bush?

What is the right climate?


Answer by  lois47 (383)

Currants grow best in humid, cool regions that also have at least a short period of cold in the winter as they need to go dormant. They can also be grown with some success in cool coastal climates.


Answer by  tamale (33)

Currants are easily grown in full sun in Zones 3-7. They are self-fruitful and grow in average garden soil. Fruit ripens in July through August.


Answer by  gardenberry (16)

These will do best if planted in late spring. Since the plant is a perennial, it will come back each year without having to replant. Make sure the bush is in a location that gets ample sunlight. When planting the bush, use compost rich soil for best results. You should also water the bush daily if it does not rain.


Answer by  bezerkers (29)

Need 800 to 1,500 chill hours a year (chill hours is 45 degrees F). Thus in U. S. pretty much everywhere except far south.

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