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Question by  Jenny (23)

How can I get sugar out of my gas tank?


Answer by  agate (22)

Removing sugar from a gas tank will require taking the tank off the car and thoroughly flushing it out with water. This is best done by a mechanic, but if you will want to try it yourself, be sure to drain the gas out of the tank before removing it from the car.


Answer by  Bernard (69)

Drain the gas tank, then remove the tank and have it steam clean. That will remove any remaining sugar. Also do the gas line in case any sugar has gotten into the line. If sugar is in the line, more then likely it has gotten into the engine. Take the car into a mechanic to have the engine clean.


Answer by  dx10 (144)

Start by removing the gas tank. Drain the gasoline in the tank completely. Put a small amount of gasoline in the tank (about a liter) and shake. Drain this gasoline. Repeat until the gasoline no longer has sugar in it. Install the tank. Use a fuel injector cleaner according to the directions in a tankful of premium gasoline.


Answer by  RazorMK (59)

I had a similar situation, only my case was the tank was full of small stones. It needs to unmount the whole tank, empty the gas from it and wash it tiwh water, it will be like brand new. Then mount it again and put all the parts back together. Would be just like new


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Unfortunately the only way to get it out completely is to rinse the tank. This requires removal of the tank. Then it can be drained, rinsed, dried, and re-installed.

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