Question by  Connie (36)

How can I get rid of a ground hornets nest in my yard?


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Those things are a nightmare I would call pest control if I were you they would be the ones I would trust with something like that you don't need stund


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

you might consider hiring a specialist. bees/hornets/wasps can be pretty dangerous if they get agitated, and removing a nest would certainly get them agitated. if the number of hornets is small, you might give it a try, but if its a huge nest, i'd call an expert.


Answer by  Anonymous

Buy a small container of liquid seven insecticide. Wait until complete darkness and pour 40 ounces into hole. Use of a funnel will be most helpful. Next place an object over the nest hole to trap hornets. Leave hole closed for twenty-four hours.


Answer by  guysoffer (35)

Buy a can of hornet/wasp killer from any store such as Lowe's. Wait till it's completely dark outside - when the hornets aren't active at all. pour the contents of the can (the entire can) down the nest because These nest can be pretty deep, Put a rock on top of the nest to block the entrance.


Answer by  Eric (60)

The best and safest way to kill ground hornets is to wait until the evening when the hornets are all back in their nest. Then you spray a full can of a hornet killer into the nest from several feet away. Most sprays specify if they shoot from long distances.

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