Question by  DanKimball (19)

How can I get out ink stains on my blue jeans?


Answer by  Imogen (165)

Soak jeans in COLD water. Blot up as much ink as possible with kitchen paper. Use any pressure from wrong side. Spray wet stain with hairspray. Launder in lukewarm water.


Answer by  kimber18 (514)

I have had luck with both hair spray, and rubbin alcohol. Saturate the stain with hairspray and let dry, then wash. Alcohol, just saturate and blot with a towel, repeat.


Answer by  bonnie56 (359)

Hairspray works great to get ink out of clothes. First, spray the hairspray on the ink stain, and then blot the stain. Continue doing this until the stain is gone.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Blue jeans are expensive enough to take to a commercial laundry. If possible bring them the source of the ink stain so that they know which chemicals to use as the most effective. I've had good results with home dry cleaning kits, too.


Answer by  drewdrops (125)

Basically, if the stain is on the legs of the jeans, cut em up and make shorts. If it is further up, then you may as well thrown them away because ink stain is permanent, and a garment wrecker. This can lead to emotion if they were a favourite pair, but jeans are easily replaceable.

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