Question by  lunie (13)

How can I get financial aid if I am already enrolled in college?

What are some options?


Answer by  bill14 (308)

Complete your FAFSA! This is the single most important thing you can do. From there, you can qualify for loans, and even work-study through your university.


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

You can try academic jobs funded by the college - such as teaching-assistantships (TA) or research-assistantships (RA). While a TA would help a professor conduct a course (grading, correcting papers), an RA works on research level topics with a professor. Other than that, there are many on-campus jobs that you can take up, like in the library or some food-stores.


Answer by  Antimony (62)

Most colleges have a financial aid office to provide information. Private companies and non-profit foundations may provide scholarships, and information may be available online.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Financial aid can be applied for each year that you are enrolled in college. To find out what is available, visit your financial aid office for specifics. Federal and state money must be applied for each year.


Answer by  bean48 (88)

Your college should have a financial aid office where you can consult with a financial aid councelor who will be able to explain your options to you.


Answer by  Bronagh (666)

Start at your college's Office of Financial Assistance. The staff can help you complete the application for federal aid and locate private scholarships and grants.

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