Question by  Gav (49)

Where are the serial numbers on my York Trumpet?

I need to find the serial numbers on my York Trumpet.


Answer by  rlgoard (84)

To find the serial numberon your trumpet check around the valve casings, this is where York places their serial numbers.


Answer by  cdbk2001 (14)

You should look on the the second valve casing. There will be an "x" typed directly before or after the number.


Answer by  nicolebrodeur (206)

York Trumpet serial numbers are usually found in the short panel on the piece directly below the mouthpiece, but above the valves.


Answer by  12 (82)

All instruments have serial numbers. Some times they can be tricky to locate on your instrument. Depending on the exact make and model of this York Trumpet the serial number could be in a few different places. First I would try to look in the bell of the instrument to local the number.


Answer by  mrkrinkle (77)

There are three locations that factories placed the serial numbers. First examine the end of the receiver where the mouthpiece goes in. Then, Check the third valve casing. The numbers could be arranged vertically or horizontally in that area. Finally check on the bell ornamentation. It could be on the side or the top of the bell.

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