Question by  kylea57 (26)

How can I find free wifi hot spots?


Answer by  Jilly (597)

Wi-fi hot spots are usually advertised, because if it's free for you, someone's sponsoring it. Schools often have free wi-fi for students, or businesses offer it to draw in customers.


Answer by  Lacey (111)

Well most companies will advertise them. Burger King has wi-fi as well as most coffee shops. Call information in your area and ask!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the best place to start is to look online for site that show open locations in your area. Other then that just walk around and scan for spots.


Answer by  alexdamian (192)

Typically, free wifi hot spots can be found in cafeterias (Starbucks, for example), restaurants, fast-foods (such as McDonalds), parks, university campuses, etc.

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