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Question by  esdempsey (20)

How can you tell if the clutch in your car is bad?


Answer by  embockjr (709)

In most cases problems with the clutch are related to slipping. Causes could be improper adjustment , or major wear of the disk facings. To check for slippage problems, one method is to put the transmission into second gear, step on the brake and engage the clutch. The car should stall.


Answer by  wwk2009 (22)

Most commonly is slippage from use (or misuse). When engine speed increases without a corresponding increase in speed, your clutch is used up. This will be most notable on hills. Other indicators may be a consistent shudder when releasing the clutch pedal or squealing of the bearings in the clutch pack.


Answer by  jennifercrowe84 (202)

With a stright shift. When you press in the clutch It will be hard for it to take gear. Also real bad tranmission burning smell because the clutch is over heating. Automatic It will refuse to shift out. You will smell the transmission real bad. With the auto it can play into different areas as well.


Answer by  countrygal (164)

The last time I drove a stick shift , it was easy to tell if the clutch was going bad is when it slipped and you were doing little hops. and when it went out you stayed where you were at the car wouldn't move.


Answer by  Anonymous

Car cluch is bad if it's slipping and sticking. Find out more here motusedcarservices. com

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