Question by  kay (20)

How can I cope with a mother-in-law who thinks her son is perfect?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Do your best to deal with her. She is your husbands mother, try to be civil. If she gets to be too much tell your husband to talk to her.


Answer by  frank (279)

Unfortunately this is a very common occurence. The best way is not to try and argue with the mother in law as that will result in resentment from her. The best way is to try an develop a loving relationship between you and the mother in law.


Answer by  Rlld (33)

Just let her have her skewed viewpoint and make nice. Do not take it out on your spouse since he doesn't have control over her behavior. Swapping inlaw horror stories can be a big stress reliever may be surprised to hear what others go through as well.

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