Question by  angelac717 (14)

How do I not go crazy leaving my 3 month old for three days and two nights?

I am leaving my son in good hands while I travel 400 miles away. I'd like to hear from others who experienced anxiety over leaving a child.


Answer by  newarkdanny (459)

Leaving a child behind especially a infant can be a tough experience both for the parent and child. At such a young age a three month baby will depend on its parent the most for emotional support. Thanks to the technology though this experience can be made easier. Try to call and or video chat while you are away.


Answer by  mascota (639)

He will be absolutely fine and be spoilt by whoever is looking after him. My son still is when he's away!! Speak to the carer often to reassure you.


Answer by  ljb (159)

I left my twins in good hands for an overnight trip my husband surprised me with for my birthday. I was a wreck leaving them overnight even though they were in good hands. We called to check on them often and after a few phone calls when I realized they were fine I was able to relax.

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