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Question by  Andersen (628)

How can I convince a girl to regularly shave her pubic hair like she does her legs?

I have gotten used to seeing this clean and classic look on every other girl that I have dated.


Answer by  Anonymous

Show her pictures of models on the internet.


Answer by  jendg09 (85)

Just be honest with her! But make sure to be polite. Tell her that you think it is really sexy, but don't make her fee pressured.


Answer by  hoopla (150)

Show her that most woman in art do not have hair down there. That is only for teenage girls not adult women.


Answer by  Crystal51 (118)

The only thing you can do is ask her to shave that area because you would prefer it. If she has never done it before, perhaps she would feel better getting waxed at a salon or having you shave it for her.

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