Question by  Molae06 (1467)

When purchasing regular coffee, is it best to get beans or grind?

I have a regular drip coffee pot.


Answer by  Teresa18 (304)

If you can grind at home, buy whole beans. But if you don't then grind them in the store, only grind what can be used in a week.


Answer by  pieface (273)

It is best to buy whole beans. Grinds immediately begin to lose flavor. The consistency of the grinds should be like granulated sugar or slightly finer.


Answer by  Shauna (10)

Beans have a more fresh flavor in them. However it is a hassle to grind the beans every morning. But well worth the taste. If you have a busy schedule I would buy already ground coffee for the week, and enjoy fresh ground beans on the weekend.


Answer by  slatt000 (31)

If you already have a grinder at home and you enjoy an extremely fresh cup of coffee, your best option would be to get beans.

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