Question by  jewels (13)

What should I do for swollen tonsils 3yr old child?

My child's tonsils are swollen.


Answer by  BranandMike (148)

Your child could have an infection or virus. If the tonsils get too big your child could easily choke or the airway could be blocked. This can also cause sleep apnea. Call your doctor immediatly. If the doc says it is a virus, give liquids, soups, popsicks, and ice cream until your child feels better.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You should take your child to the doctor to make sure that there is nothing going on like a virus or the flu, if not treat him with liquids.


Answer by  Nora28 (76)

You can try giving your child warm chicken, beef or vegetable broth, this will help sooth his throat and also keep him hydrated if he has a fever.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Contact his pediatrician. It is very possible that your child has tonsillitis. Your doctor will give your child the proper medication to get the swelling down and if need be he will schedule your child an appointment to get the tonsils removed.

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