Question by  elsewhen (627)

Do any of the big automakers sell a fully-electric car?

i know there are some small companies making electrics, but what about Ford, Toyota, Honda, GM etc?


Answer by  philosophy (243)

The Chevy Volt is coming in 2010, and it gets pretty good reviews from those that have tried it... but it won't be too cost effective - you'll have to wait awhile to get good cheap electric cars. There are a lot of details to work out.


Answer by  Phil (103)

GM is scheduled to come out with a near-fully electric car in 2010. Until then, there are several solid hybrid models to choose from that get 60 miles to the gallon. Expect fully electric cars that are mainstream in under 13 years from now.


Answer by  Kay98 (27)

If any of the automakers sell a fully electric car, then I am not aware of it. I have seen the commercials on a few hybrids. Which are both but I haven't seen any on fully electric. I did see a special on the BBC channel that they had fully electric cars.


Answer by  Tostao (27)

None of the big automakers are selling a fully-electric car right now. They are selling hybrids, which work on gas and also use energy from braking and coasting to charge a battery which is then used to help propel the car, thus saving gas. There are plans from some of these companies to sell eletric cars in the future.

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