Question by  Ernesto (23)

How can I be class president in medical school?


Answer by  animelover4283 (28)

Lead by example and have the highest grades. Show good work ethics. Ask meaningful questions. Listen, not necessarily agree with, to your peers. Also do any available extra credit work.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am student president of my med school. I am top quarter of my class (not really amazing) but I started as the head education liaison and I did (and do) a LOT of work to help my class. Being a nice person with basic leadership skills helps too.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Like any other elected position, you must campaign and win the most votes. Given the agenda of medical school, the race is a popularity contest. So make lots of friends.


Answer by  JDBIII (222)

To be class president in a medical school one would need to gain the respect of ones fellow students. This does not mean that the "best" student in the medical class would need to be president, but rather one that is among the top students in the class whom other can come to with questions and feel comfortable about it.


Answer by  frogman (12)

The best way to be class president is to know your school work. You do not have to be the smartest, but you need to know your stuff. Then start talking and working (politicing) your class mates. Start asking people what they want from the class president.


Answer by  detcader (7)

Show an active interest in the welfare and success of others, and make many friends. Keep up your grades and try to identify with everyone, so no group will write you off as someone they don't see fit to lead them.

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