Question by  mandey223 (13)

How are the recipes in Dying for Chocolate?

I am interested in this book, but I didn't know if the recipes are going to be too hard, or too expensive to make. I would love any reviews from people who have the book.


Answer by  lori14 (17)

The book "Dying for Chocolate" contains recipes but it is not a cookbook. In this mystery, a local caterer, Goldy Bear, whips up delectable recipes full of calories as she flees from her disparaging relationship with her ex-husband Philip. In Goldy's spare time, she plays an amateur sleuth determined to solve a murder.


Answer by  HerpDerp (91)

Dying chocolate is actually a very simple process and can be done rather cheap if you make a few modifications. Check online for free ideas.


Answer by  krugermama (12)

Dying for Chocolate is actually a murder mystery book by Diane Mott Davidson. This book was published in 1992 and features a heroine by the name of Goldy Bear who is escaping an abusive ex husband. She travels to Aspen and meets a man who is then murdered. She starts investigating his murder and finds herself in danger.


Answer by  cdonz (80)

The recipes in this book are very good. They have lots of instructions, but the book makes baking fun. The recipes are easy to make and not very expensive. For example, I made some m&m cookies and all in needed was a bag of m&m and some more basic cookie ingredients. I would totally recommend this book.

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