Question by  Matthew88 (27)

How are aluminized mylar space blankets made?


Answer by  mandriloquai (324)

By vaporizing metal particles (aluminum, gold or other metal) onto the surface of boPET (bipolar oriented PET) which is the transparent synthetic main component of such films.


Answer by  RLozano (213)

Survival blankets and such are made by putting the plastic sheeting inside a vacuum chamber, removing the air and 'spattering' metal. Metal is vaporized and deposited onto plastic while it is rewound. Electron spattering makes light bulbs turn silver, the metal filement vaporizes and mirrors the inside of the glass.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

The process requires that a very thin layer of aluminum is bonded to the Mylar. The result is a large area of flexible sheeting which is much more durable than the foil alone. Note that the material commonly sold as "space blanket" is not always made from Mylar; cheaper versions are sometimes thinner and less insulative.


Answer by  catysuzgirl2000 (578)

According to Wikipedia, a thin sheet of plastic is coated with a thin film of metallized reflecting agent or MPET. In the U.S., a precise amount of aluminium vapor is deposited into a thin film matter. This is to make the blanket water/wind-proof and to trap heat.

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