Question by  laksumikarthikgmailcom (16)

Have you ever played pool online?

Is it fun?


Answer by  kjgoulet (460)

Personally I have played pool online. In my opinion it is easier and even more enjoyable than the real deal. You can play either the computer or other players. Certain sites will give you ratings on your wins and losses, it's fun to try and work your way up to master.


Answer by  Meg59 (12)

Yes, I have. I found that it was somewhat fun, but because you just use your mouse to control the stick (rather then hand-eye coordination as you would in a normal game of pool) it is much easier to score. The main thing you have to worry about with online pool is the angle at which your stick is.


Answer by  bassplayer (257)

I have played a few online flash pool games. I do not think that they compare to the real thing however. Unless on is very bored, online pool is not very fun


Answer by  BrandonAllin (968)

Yes, I have. Much like any online game, online pool is a good way to kill time or relax when you're bored, but in my honest opinion, it can't really compare to the real thing, as it doesn't really require any skill or knowledge of the game. Good fun all the same, but there's better to be had!

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