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Question by  Sharpay (47)

Can you purchase the Heartbreak software Naughty Poker or do you have to play online?

My mom has all those sites blocked so I can't play online.


Answer by  name (6)

It appears that you can download this software as shareware and pay for a password. The developer website includes instructions on purchasing a password. They have many photo strip games, and each page has a link to purchase a password.


Answer by  rodolfoe307 (34)

yes you can purchase this game and have the game installed in your computer rather than it being an online flash game. If your mother has all the sites blocked i suggest using a proxy of some sort


Answer by  tomaul (5)

Yes, you can purchase this game from online stores anytime at a convenient price. You can even try the demo version of the game if you are not sure you want to buy it. The game is priced at arround $ 20, but I think you can get it cheaper if you search for discounts.


Answer by  dmorris42 (9)

Looks like it's all online action from here. Sorry kid. There are like so many better ways to find nudity though, as is every young man's prerogative. But keep it respectful man, the wrong material will totally warp your views of women. You'll end up crazy and bitter, like the guy who directed The Room.


Answer by  NanaPoker (4)

You can purchase Naughty Poker but their is quiz you have to accomplish that will require you to call Naughty Poker.

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