Question by  ardentblarney (32)

Given that the distance from Earth to the sun is 150,000,000 km, through what distance does Earth move in a second?

I always wonder about questions like this.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

The Earth travels about 18. 6 miles per second or 29. 8 Km/second. This is based on a circular orbit calculation which is very close to the Earth's elliptical path.


Answer by  shiny807 (99)

The Relative Earth's orbit around the sun, the average speed 29. 7859 km / second. But in January, the speed is 30. 2535 km / second, and in July it is 29. 2991km/second.


Answer by  vto (226)

After doing many searched online to find the answer to this question I was about to locate the answer. I'm glad I did cause that is a good question and an interesting fact. So the answer to the question is 942,477,796km. I knew the earth was spinning but never new it was going that fast!


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

The earth moves around 1,00000,00000 of a milisecond which orbits around the universe at least 3,000,0000 times a minute in one circle. This is rotated over and over again. The quicker of the planets is Pluto with is 10 times more then the rest of the planets and the slowest is Mercury.

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