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Question by  worker2612 (12)

Does TrekSta make any other styles besides running shoes?

My friends love the brand, but I don't run.


Answer by  nrollhei (7)

TrekSta makes many styles of hiking and outdoor shoes. TrekSta is not only for running shoes but for people who want to be out in the wilderness. The shoes will hold up and are very durable for your situations in the outdoors. They can go through the mud and rain, and are great for rock climbing.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

They do make other shoes, but they are more boot-style sneakers for hiking on trails or climbing. It's not really a fashion line for sneakers, but more purpose-based.


Answer by  PracticalPaul (18)

Yes, the company TrekSta makes many products besides just running shoes. This company also offers multiple styles of footwear like hiking shoes and boots, and also aqua shoes. So even though you don't run you can also wear this brand.

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