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Question by  betty (73)

Does the Toyota Corolla have a timing belt or a chain?


Answer by  jimbob11 (195)

It depends on the type of engine that the car is equipped with. Corollas made up until 1998 with A-series engines use a timing belt system. Corollas made after this year are equipped with a ZZ series that uses a timing chain system to drive the camshafts, so there is no timing belt to replace.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

According to Autozone all Corolla had timing chains in there engines up until 1984. In 1984 they seemed to have switch to the more commonly seen timing belt. Probably due to the use of fuel injection. So depending on exactly which year your referring to it could be either one of the two.


Answer by  bikerbojo (282)

Corolla's have a timing belt. The timing belts on Toyotas need to be changed ever 60,000 miles. If they break, this is an interferrence engine and major valve train and or engine damage could happen.


Answer by  jeffw (173)

Certain models have a chain but most have a timing belt. It is more important to replace the timing belts at the manufacturers suggested interval than the chain. As a matter of fact they say you should not replace the timing chain unless you are experiencing timing chain related issues.

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