Question by  friday (31)

What can I do if I have put a Mercury 2000 voyager timing belt and it is humming?

My new timing belt in my Mercury is humming.


Answer by  Jimmer (28)

A bearing is likely bad in some other component in the pulley system. Remove the belt again and check the alternator, idler pulley(s), water pump, and power steering pump for smooth rotation. Also check the alignment of all components on belt; all should fall in the same plane rather precisely.


Answer by  silverkatcreationsyahoocom (324)

If it is humming you may have a pulley that is worn. The problem here is if belt gets wet or stretches it may come off.


Answer by  Mike15 (22)

The humming is occurring because the timing belt is too tight. Take your car to a professional and have the belt loosened just a bit. This should stop the humming.

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