Question by  debra68 (7)

Does the Handy Stitch sewing machine really work?

It looks good on TV but you never know.


Answer by  Annie29 (7)

Handy Stitch works in connecting two pieces of thin material together. However, it cannot be depended upon to hold tight seams that would be suitable for garments or items that need to be durable. There is only one bobbin (one thread) that makes a simple hook stitch that easily can be unraveled and unreliable in strength.


Answer by  rymor (45)

Yes it works, but not too well. My grandpa bought one and it did fine for simple things like mending thin fabric, but with thicker fabric it got easily hung up and became too much trouble.


Answer by  Pat24 (20)

I have a Handy Stitch sewing machine, I have found it works on thinner fabrics. It is good for quick and easy mends, but I would not recommend it for heavy duty work or projects that are made from heavier fabrics. It is handy for whe you don't want to drag out your full size sewing machine.


Answer by  Brian96 (140)

It's good for small stitching jobs because it's easy to use and small, so it fits in a small cabinet. If you want to make your own clothes it's less suitable because the options of the Handy Stitch are limited and you would want a more steady and robust work place.


Answer by  bettemachete (142)

The Handy Stitch sewing machine does not work very well. It can snag up on light fabrics, and the needle can also break rather easily. The only plus side is that the needle threads very easily.


Answer by  Aurora (15)

The Handy Stitch sewing machine as seen on TV looks as if it works, but I wouldn't waste my time on it. I imagine crooked seams and very uneven stitching.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

It actually is very handy for sewing small things. If you just want something sewn straight, it works. I've used it to hem skirts and pants in the past. For small jobs, it's handy.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

My daughter has one and it certainly doesn't work like they say it does on TV the thread tangles binds and breaks and you can only use it for just a few different projects anything stronger than silk it will not work on.

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