Question by  Kim40 (4)

What are the benefits of eating sprouted grain bread?

I know that sprouted grain bread is great for diabetics and is wheat free, but what are the health benefits.


Answer by  Elizabeth1297 (87)

Since the grains are sprouted before being ground into flour they have a higher content of vitamins and nutrients. If they are made with lentils or soybeans they will also be higher in protein. They are usually made of organic ingredients, and are low in saturated fat and salt.


Answer by  Worksforme (467)

Compared to white bread it has a low glycemic index, low saturated fat and a higher protein content. Other nutrients are pretty much the same.


Answer by  wwwilly (128)

Sprouted grain bread is high in fiber. A diet rich in fiber can help prevent colon cancer and promotes regularity. This can also help reduce cholesterol.


Answer by  hearts (104)

The sprouted grain bread is richer in protein and higher in vitamins and minerals compared with other breads . They have distinct nutritional advantages compared with other breads . sprouted grain bread can provide a complete set of amino acids .

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