Question by  user26 (176)

Does poster putty leave a mark on the wall?


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

Absolutely. I have seen, on multiple occasions, poster putty leave marks on walls. Occasionally it will even leave putty on your walls.


Answer by  Karjoy (39)

Poster putty can sometimes leave a mark on the wall. Several times, I have had the poster putty pull a layer of paint off the wall.


Answer by  Justice (40)

Poster putty can leave marks on the wall if not removed correctly. Some putty is better than others when considering the impact to the wall.


Answer by  cindy2366 (224)

Poster putty is ideal when hanging wall items. However, the putty can leave a grease spot or pull away wall paper. To remove spots try using nail polish remover.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

While poster putty works great on making sure your things stay attached to the wall it does leave a greasy spot most of the time.


Answer by  Stef24 (38)

The good news is...No! Poster putty will not leave a mark on your wall. If you find some remaining pieces of putty, simply rub a small piece of putty over the remaining pieces to lift them off. Light, oily marks may appear on the paper you've hung .


Answer by  HannahHargrove (8)

Poster putty does not leave marks on the wall. It gives a good long hold, without leaving marks. The putty is even easy to take off.

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