Question by  alexjoseph (12)

Does microwaving kill germs?

I'm not sure my food is safe after zapping it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Microwaving does kill 99% of the disgusting E-Coli and Salmonella in 2 minutes. Just as long as the sponge has ABSOLUTELY NO METALLIC CONTENT and make sure the sponge is WET. If it does not meet one of these requirements then you can get a sponge on fire at home.


Answer by  hezmc (27)

Well, I know that microwaving sponges kills bacterica like e coli, but I think that making sure that you microwave your food to the proper temperature is also important. Just like cooking in the oven, your food must be fully done to kill the germs. Try a cooking thermometer to check.


Answer by  ericstoetzner (9)

Yes heat kills germs the source from which the heat comes from doesn't matter. Most bacteria dies in 175 degree range and almost all die at the boiling point 212 degrees. they important thing to remember when using a microwave to reheat food is to make sure the food gets heated throughout.


Answer by  kamchi (24)

Microwaves themselves do not kill germs or bacteria. The heat that is generated in the cooking process will kill germs and bacteria though. If you follow proper cooking procedures and heat the food to appropriate tempatures then the food will be safe for consumption. Make sure to stir food during the cooking process to redistribute any cold spots.


Answer by  sck (19)

Microwaving does, in fact, kill germs. A microwave is capable of reaching temperatures high enough to fully cook food and, therefore, kill bacteria. In fact, it is recommended microwaving wet sponges for three minutes in order to kill bacteria.

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