Question by  Sorthum (17)

Does meth make your chest muscles sore?

I'm interested in effects of using Methamphetamine


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Methamphetamine themselves don't make the chest muscles sore, but because inhibition and pain recognition are turned way down, a person may be more likely to injure themselves.


Answer by  Sinefey (457)

I never experienced any soreness in chest muscles during my use of meth. Arm, leg and even muscles in my feet would get sore due to constant flexing being tense.


Answer by  Rosebud (334)

This is a common affect for those who choose to smoke it rather than snort it. It can make it ache and literally burn your lungs. Meth also increases your heart rate dramatically making it even more dangerous if you have had previous heart problems. By doing meth you are putting Chlorinated solvents and other toxic byproducts in your body.


Answer by  John (9008)

Methamphetamines has numerous horrible consequences for those who abuse them. While most of these effects are much more severe (tooth loss, dementia, addiction, and more), muscle soreness is not uncommon. This happens because people get tense and hyper-vigilant while they are high on this drug.


Answer by  darcyn77 (321)

Meth can cause your chest muscles to ache and be sore. This is more of an effect for people who smoke the drug, as opposed to snorting it. It can cause your lungs to ache and burn, as well. Meth not only effects your lung and chest, but many other areas of your body, too.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Methamphetamine is a stimulant. It will not cause chest muscles to become sore. It will cause your heart to race, risking cardiac exhaustion and even heart attacks. If you are experiencing these symptoms, go to a hospital now for treatment. Do not use methamphetamine - it is both dangerous and very illegal.


Answer by  zarasluv (197)

This one I am ashamed of cause when I was younger I did it and it seemed the more I did it the worse I felt and if you do to much thats when your chest hurts,but in reality it breaks down every muscle in your body seems like as if you weren't doing it you started hurting.

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