Question by  eSombra (5)

Does Inuyasha love Kikyo more than Kagome?


Answer by  Desine (427)

There's no canon answer to this. You'll have to read (or watch) InuYasha and decide for yourself, and the debate it on the internet with everyone else.


Answer by  EchoWood (16)

Inuyasha loves Kagome more than any other. Indeed, Kikyo was his old lover, but she had long since died. Kagome is his hope.


Answer by  linckia2000 (21)

I think that Inuyasha is trying too hard to hold onto the past. I think once he accepts that Kikyo is dead, he will realize how much he loves Kagome.


Answer by  Clairlyssia (233)

He loves them equally. He made a promise to Kikyo that he would become human for her. However he promised Kagome he would protect her. Si it is a tie.


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

Some consider that he must still have feelings for his first lover,Kikyo, despite her cruelty to him, but Kagome and Inuyasha do seem to make the better couple. Did not Kagome save him when Kikyo would have dragged him down into hell? Nevertheless, there is still ambiguity in Inuyasha's attitude t that leaves room or some doubt.

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