Question by  Antony (169)

Does FTD allow you to request a certain type or color of vase, or do specify vases come with each arrangement?

I would like to request something other than a clear glass vase, for example.


Answer by  echurch (393)

FTD's arrangements have designated vases. You pick the arrangement and an assigned vase comes with it. For a price you can get another vase. This would be considered an upgrade. The price is usually minimal.


Answer by  maxwell (289)

They may or may not charge you to make a change for something different. If it's only like a dollar or two, I've clerks who have not charged me. I have also had clerkd who add the extra amount no matter how litte the extra amount is. It never hurts to ask. But be sure to document!


Answer by  Tina76 (10)

FTD has has only specific vases that come with each arrangement that you choose. Some arrangement do have a choice of two or three different types of vases and colors.


Answer by  keke (335)

Usually you can request something other than a clear vase. So i dont think that they have any specific vase with arrangements.


Answer by  dwammer (710)

FTD has pre-selected arrangements that you chooses from. Upgrades are availabe but generally amount to the volume of flowers placed in the same vase, or the quality of flowers in the vase.

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