Question by  Jay (24)

Does drawing improve hand eye coordination?


Answer by  GeorgesBataille (59)

Drawing improves hand eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. Students of art must take make a close visual evaluation of their subject. When rendering the image of their subject on paper, they must make their hand obey the guidelines determined by the spatial perspective they intend to convey.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Yes drawings will help eye and hand coordination. The eyes follow the lines draaaaa Yes,drawings will improve the eye and hand coordination. It is an exercise for the eyes. The hands are trained for smooth movements. The drawings sharpens the sight. Motor nerves in the hands develope fast and this enables the eye to follow the kines in drawing.


Answer by  Amit51 (23)

I think drawing does improve eye and hand corodination. I dont think the speed of hand eye reponse time - coordination matters, but certainly the person drawing has to respond to the image he/she is drawing. This coordination enables the person to control the movement of his hand. A secodary decision mechanism allows the person to assess the drawing too.


Answer by  Marsholio (79)

Any practice involving the use of your hands and eyes will result in improving their coordination. Drawing, sports, video games, driving, and a million other things that require concentration, visual response, and manual dexterity all improve response time from when your eye sees something, your brain responds and the reaction is sent to your hands.

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