Question by  tardis (42)

How can I develop good hand-eye coordination in baseball?


Answer by  dpauleyii (843)

Take an old tire and tie it to a tree limb with a rope. Paint a white X on it. Take your bat and hit the X once. The tire will spin. As the tire spins you contiually try to hit the X with your bat.


Answer by  answerman (43)

One way to develop good hand eye coordination is to stand close to a wall and throw a tennis ball against it. Then try to catch it.


Answer by  worker3884 (57)

One way to develop good hand-eye coordination is to throw a tennis ball against a wall or in the air making sure to watch the ball into your hand.


Answer by  Lmukeeper (262)

The best way to develop coordination skills for baseball is by practicing the skills that use this kind of coordination. By practicing throwing and batting everyday you will eventually increase your hand to eye coordination.

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