Question by  Jerry (27)

Does being married effect your eligibility for financial aid?


Answer by  Sam65 (198)

You financial aid is determined off of your taxable income. Being married increases your taxable income. However financial aid is also determined off of family size and being married increases your family size. So, yes, it does affect financial aid, but possible in a good way, it just depends, so check with FAFSA.


Answer by  Peg (459)

Yes, as a married person, your spouse's income is also considered by the educational institution when you apply for financial aid. An unmarried, independent person (that is, one who is not claimed as a dependent by their parents) only claims their own income.


Answer by  tamekala (44)

It depends. Other factors must also be taken into consideration such as how many people are in the household and how many will be attending college. Of course the total combined household income will be a factor, and that includes any type of income such as child support, disability benefits, etc.


Answer by  headbanger783 (30)

Yes it does. Financial aid is determined by your income or that of your spouse or parents. It based on the total income of whoever is helping to support you and put you through college. SO yes it does have an effect.

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